A Norbertine and a Gentleman – The Introduction


My name is Gerard, and I am not a professional blogger like most. I have decided to do this for fun. So I would put on my fun but interesting, party but can be serious, silly but caring hat of laughter and love for life, if you plan to read my blogs regularly.  I decided that if I was going to blog, then I wanted to be among the people who decided to take a break from the rat race and find meaningful words of sharing that they love to do through a high quality blog.  Daylesford Abbey has given me the opportunity to do just that.  My prayer for you as a reader is that this blog would not only improve your outlook on life, but change it.

I was really hesitant to become a blogger at first because many blogs are filled with the “systems” approach. Systems are fine, if you are in the business world. In fact, I am a supporter of the business world and I even had the privilege of receiving my undergraduate degree in business and organizational management.  Please know that religious life is not a business, but a way of loving God. This type of life is less about systems and more about content, great content.

So without great content, a blog system isn’t going to do much to help you the reader in the long run.  I hope you, as a reader of my simple thoughts, will give me good feedback so that we can create great content together.  My attempt to focus on high quality content as the key to my blogging approach is what I hope separates this site, sponsored by Daylesford Abbey, from the herd out there in cyberspace.  So that means that I will try to stay away from a lack of information on content typically found on other blog sites. I will always remind myself this is not the place to provide shallow advice and I hope you, the reader, will honor that as well in your feedback. Daylesford Abbey is home, but I am a Southern Gentleman at heart…so let’s agree to be kind to one another in our exchange.

My goal is really one of sharing with, you as a user of this site, that the joys of religious life are available to anyone who prayerfully read it with an open mind and a love for life. You need not be a Christian to join me in this fun. All readers are welcome.

Oh yeah, there’s a few other thing to consider…

I am …

46 years old;

happily baptized as a Christian and Catholic for all of those 46 years;

an African-American (Louisiana Creole);

the last child of three siblings;

sorry to say that I was orphaned at the age of 32;

a (retired at 38) successful former businessman by profession;

a very proud father of two adult children (male and female);

a former United States Marine;

a graduate student in my 4th year theologian;

starting my ninth year of my relationship with Daylesford Abbey and a consecrated religious who has joyfully bound himself by Solemn Vows to God and to the Church of the Assumption at Daylesford Abbey;

a supporter of one of the greatest apostolic service ministries of healing and reconciliation happening in the Church today…the Cause for sainthood of the Servant of God, Father Augustus Tolton; and

my home away from home, until I graduate with a Masters of Divinity Graduate degree, is at our Norbertine House of Studies located in Chicago, Illinois.

I’d love to hear from you.

God’s Peace Always,

A. Gerard Jordan, O. Praem.