Looking Back at Only one Week…Wow

Looking back on my week….well…..first the Pentateuch and its traditions, including the primeval narratives, ancestral history, exodus, Sinai and wilderness traditions; an I only studied them this week in the context of their literary origins and development and in the light of their importance for ancient Israelite religion and theology and contemporary theological significance.  I enjoy that my professor has an emphasis on the biblical material itself….the reading is intense.

Then I am off to my next class …a very catholic course taught by a catholic priest….one of the most respected liturgists and authors in the country…..I will give you one guess and one hint…..Just know that the course is a practicum designed for priesthood candidates to develop competency in leadership of sacramental rites, including initiation, weddings, wakes, and funerals. Special emphasis is given to Eucharist. The pastoral care part is covered in all areas but is stressed in the areas that cover anointing of the sick and in the ministry of reconciliation. The practical work is harder that I thought.

I end up my week with a very Jewish course taught by a very Jewish Rabbi….it opens up the Torah and really explores ethics, Sabbath and festival observance, life cycles, family, prayer, community, conflict and change in diverse Jewish contexts….the re-reading of the first five books of the bible from the lenses of a Jewish perspective….words cannot explain who grateful I am to be in a learning environment with this level of academic excellence and respect for my faith and willingness to share the Jewish faith with me.

The even more fun part ….Sunday is a day of rest….I then I get to do it all over again next week…..I love religious life!