Daylight Savings Time

Last Thursday, we here in Paoli, experienced our heaviest snowfall of the year, ten inches of snow fell and the abbey’s grounds became a winter wonderland…trees covered with snow, the grounds looking like a large container of vanilla ice cream, all ready for the chocolate syrup…..but as I walked outside to get into a car to go and celebrate an early morning Mass at one of the local parishes, the quiet stillness enabled me to “tune in” to the God of my heart as God allowed me to experience the calm communion of my heart and mind with God’s.  In quiet Communion, I felt an sense of calm, an easiness that all is well and God’s love is covering the earth just like the snow was covering the Abbey’s grounds… was a intensely spiritual moment and in the darkness I felt God’s presence leading me onward…..

Advance three days ahead and the clocks were moved ahead one hour and the temperatures “soared”, if I can use that term, to the 50’s. The snow began to melt and green started to appear…..Once again, walking out in the early morning sunlight I saw new life that was emerging from the white snow and the parable of the grain of wheat came to mind…….I had just celebrated the funeral of a friend of mine on Saturday and this morning as I walked and heard and saw the dripping water from the melting snow casting shining glimmers of light in the warming sun, that sense of communion re-appeared in my being and I was “tuned in” this time to the rhythm of the melting drops of snow, falling in a pattern that matched a beating heart – a beating heart that reminded me of God and how my friend was now emerging from the blanket of death into a new life of communion with her God….

All of this gave me a sense of calling, a direction, of being led by a God of love along the journey of life ready to do God’s will in  my regard and smiling that now he has given me an extra hour of daylight each day to recognize the warmth and new life of Spring…..may you have that same experience in your “daylight savings time zone”……just stay zoned in and not zoned out! God be praised and Godspeed to all of you.

Invisible Light?

What better way to welcome in the beginning of Daylight Savings Time than to have a Lectio Divina session with one’s confreres, a session spent meditating on John’s Gospel 3:14-21. The word “Light” is used five times by the Gospel writer to show that God wants us to not live and dwell in darkness, but to thrive in the light and truth of Christ. Previously, I believed that my individual actions (works) could only reveal that light to others, but now I understand and see things in a whole new light (pun intended). Light can be revealed not only through the tangible Christ-like actions of feeding the poor, consoling those who grieve, and loving those who may be difficult to love, but also through the everyday “unseen” commitments made to Christ Jesus. For me, this is made manifest in my discernment as a Novice of this cannonry at Daylesford. The very fact that I’m working on dying to self and contemplating what the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience look like in the years ahead, all reveal light in a most special way. The point and message of this blog post is to communicate to you that a forecast for cloudy skies does not mean that the Sun is refusing to shine…no, it may just mean that we could be looking at things from a lower altitude and not from the height(s) God sees us from.