Earth’s Womb

Today the Son of Man lies in earth’s womb.

My grandmother once shared with me that each time she gave birth to a child, a part of her went with her child into the world, as they exited her womb on the day of their birth to keep them safe and faithful when there were apart from her; just as a part of her was buried in their tomb on the day she laid their body in the grave.

“So they laid Jesus there because of the Jewish preparation day; for the tomb was close by.” John 19:42

If I could only have been there, near our Blessed Lady, when it was time to move the stone and close the entrance of the tomb that Jesus’ body was laid in. What was the response of his grief-stricken mother, as the disciples said to her that it was time to close the tomb? Would my own selfish grief have allowed me to look to others, especially Mary, and comfort them?

Today is the holiest of Saturdays and a day of expectant waiting. We anticipate the resurrection of the Lord. However, let us remember this day the loneliness of death and the sorrow of Mary, who buried her son in earth’s womb. I pray that your time of waiting was a day of preparation and prayers for others who mourn and are alone. Let us all have hope in the great welcome that await us  in the holy city, the New Jerusalem, where death is no more and a mother’s weeping has ceased forever.