Happy Easter!

Abbey-Tridium-Sat- 15 023

Happy Easter! The liturgies of the Triduum are over. Our Triduum retreatants have gone home and stillness has settled on the Abbey for a little while. The weather is beautiful: the sun is shining and warm, the wind is blowing and reminding us all that March is still here, and the flowers are beginning to show the vibrant colors that make Spring so glorious; all reminders of new life, the Spirit blowing where it wills, and the stillness and calmness that allow for us who live here at the Abbey to walk a little and reflect on the Glorious Mysteries which we just celebrated.

It was a wonderful and spiritually energizing week. I can’t remember one in the past years that affected me so much and helped me feel the closeness of God in my life. As I walked down the front road today, let the sun warm my face, and feel the Spirit enflaming my heart like the disciples’ on the way to Emmaus, I knew that God had called me to the Abbey to minister to God’s people, to contemplate and be drawn more deeply into the love and mystery of God. I thought of Psalm 139; “God, you know me and have knitted me in my mother’s womb”; because I know that God has so blessed me with his presence in my heart. As I walked and talked with the Lord, the time flew by and I realized that it was time for Vespers: a time of quieting oneself down, remembering again God’s love for me and giving me a chance to appreciate the graces that God has given me.

I follow the bell as my heart responds to God’s call. Perhaps you can, in the quiet times of your life, do the same.