One heart and mind on their way to God


I would like to share with you the gratitude and joy that my vocation as a Norbertine priest gave me two weekends past.  I was privileged to baptize one of my former student’s children. It was his and his wife’s third child and I was asked to preside at the Rite of Baptism for all three.  It gave me great joy to remember and celebrate with my former student and his family, sharing memories of his and his brothers’ high school days and then having the joy of welcoming his son into communion with the Body of Christ.

The experience filled me with gratitude for my vocation that affords me a participation in the sacramental ministry of the Church, and in true Norbertine tradition, uses the grace of the occasion to share the Norbertine communio with others: combining the community life of a Norbertine Abbey with the service, in this instance, in a sacramental way, of incorporating a new member into the Christian community. 

I was overwhelmed that it has been seventeen years since I taught this student and yet he still wanted me to part of his family’s journey of being of “one heart and mind on their way to God”.

I was and am very grateful that I had this opportunity to exercise my sacramental ministry in service to a former student and his family and makes me thankful for the gift of vocation that the Lord has given me. Perhaps you have the same realizations of God’s giftedness in your own lives and can understand the feelings of joy and humility that this giftedness brings.  Reflect on and respond to the gift ….. it’s part of the hundredfold that the Lord speaks about.