Fr. John Zagarella, pt. 3: Vestition

Welcome Back, Readers:
So my story continues with my Vestition on August 28, 1979, my 21st birthday!  After a truly wonderful Affiliate experience, I was now vested in the white habit of the Norbertine Community.  I don’t think I’m too far off the mark when I say that entering a canonical novitiate was a very unique way to celebrate a 21st birthday!  My years in Formation were met with many opportunities and many challenges.  But above all, those years were a time to grow in love and knowledge of the Community to which I was more and more deeply committing myself. 

I realize now that I am older the gift that I was given back then. Simply put, being schooled in the lives our Fathers Norbert and Augustine long ago has given me the blueprint for living my life today; the decisions I make, the paths I choose and the goals I aspire to must first be grounded in reflecting on them both: what would Jesus do? What would Augustine do? What would Norbert do?

Have a great week.  See you soon for reflections on ordination and my experiences as a Norbertine priest.
Fr. John