Advent blessings

A happy first week of Advent to all my friends in Christ Jesus! It’s been a while since my last posting effort, and so, I hope this finds you well. As a quick update… God has continued to bless me, since my last communication with you all, as I’m approaching my four-year anniversary (Jan 2017) with the Norbertines, at Daylesford Abbey. If that’s not enough of a blessing to report, I professed my vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, for a period of three-years, this past August 27th, in front of the entire Norbertine community, both professed and lay. I’m grateful to God, my confreres, family and friends, for all of their support and well wishes, as I took this big step in the vocation process.

As a seminarian, attending Immaculata University, I’ve been working hard on my theology, philosophy, and other required courses, in which the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters (IHM’s) are so lovingly passing on their collective wisdom to me. Now, with the Christmas Season at hand, it’s time to end the academic affairs of the past year, and find even extra space in my heart for the Lord’s coming.

We sing each and every morning the Gospel Canticle Antiphon “Take courage, the Lord our God comes to save us” which fuels us with hope and joy, reminding us all that something truly amazing is about to happen…May you remember this always, especially as you go about the busyness of the upcoming weeks ahead. God Bless!