Christmas tidings

Merry Christmas, everyone. May the joy of Emmanuel (God with us) lift your hearts and bring you glad tidings.

The Abbey came to life in a special way over the past couple of days, with festive colors of green and red, joyful sounds of heavenly choirs, and grateful hearts expressed on cheerful faces, as over a thousand of Christ’s flock came to celebrate the birth of our Savior during the Christmas Eve Vigils on Saturday night and the Christmas Day Mass on Sunday. However, before any of these wonderful celebratory feasts could take place, a lot of work went on behind the scenes, especially in the days and hours leading up to these blessed Eucharistic celebrations of Christ’s birth, to make sure everyone present had a joyful Christmas experience. As a member of this community, the joy of setting up the decorations, serving as acolyte for each of the masses, and preparing a meal for my confreres, reminds me not only why I’m a disciple of Christ Jesus, but also why I entered into community life in the first place: to serve my neighbor!

As we make our way through the Christmas Octave, let us remember each and every day, all blessings that our loving God has bestowed on us. Not only have we received from Him the best gift ever imaginable; His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ; we also can be thankful for the gift of having one another to share our lives with during this most sacred and beautiful time of the year. God Bless!