Seven years as a priest

Just a few days ago, I began my seventh year as a Norbertine priest.

I really like my life here living at Daylesford Abbey. I love the rootedness of our life, where the relationships I am forming at St. Norbert Parish and the Abbey are ones that have the potential to deepen through the years.  Unlike diocesan priests that could be moved anywhere in the diocese, Norbertines take a vow of stability, which means we will be serving within our Abbey and its local apostates for our entire lives.  I enjoy this rootedness. I find that it grounds me.

Speaking of grounds, I enjoy exploring our Abbey grounds. I especially enjoy working to beatify them, mostly by pruning trees and shrubs of dead growth and helping them to thrive. I find this type of work lends me to pray through this physical work in which I ask God to show me as I work what needs pruning within me.  I also enjoy this work because it promotes wellness through stretching, sweating (releasing toxins through our skin) and strength building.  All that while praying to God and enjoying the wonders of nature!